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Your caffeine fix

21 February 2019 / by / no comments

Whole coffee beans from Africa and Peru now in Singapore.

Cafédirect, the UK’s first *B Corp certified coffee company and the first and largest 100-percent Fairtrade and award-winning company, brings terroir whole coffee beans from the lofty peaks in Africa and Peru to Singapore – the Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Machu Picchu Coffee with dark chocolate overtones and the Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Kilimanjaro Coffee with hints of natural blackcurrant sweetness.

Two from its range of five terroir mountain coffees direct from the growers, these 100-percent Arabica beans originate from high up in the mountains where the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and unique terroir nourishes the beans and coaxes out the flavours expected in premium coffee. Such whole beans appeal to coffee lovers who have a hankering for grinding their own beans for the extraordinary freshness and taste it provides.

Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Kilimanjaro Coffee is a labour of love for the growers at Tanzania’s Native Co-operative Union (KNCU), Africa’s oldest co-operative, while Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Machu Picchu Coffee comes from the growers of Huadquiña co-operative in Peru.

Cafédirect operates its business as a force for good, working closely with coffee co-operatives to build a more sustainable supply chain. It reinvests 50 percent of its profits back into these grower communities to help improve the farmers’ livelihoods. The company also collaborates with the small farmers to harvest better quality beans, obtain more volume and develop a robust supply chain — benefits that are passed on to consumers round the world in every pack of its coffee … sustainably.


Cafédirect’s Terroir Whole Beans Coffee packs are available at Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, Market Place and Redmart. The Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Machu Picchu Coffee and Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Kilimanjaro Coffee retail at S$11.95 per 227g pack.







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