A little help

NTUC Health offers a number of services at home to caregivers who need some support.


Dementia activities for your loved one

Six options to encourage engagement.


Finding respite at night

The only programme in Singapore that offers a night care service for those with dementia in a nursing home setting, the programme provides activities to clients and respite for caregivers.


Seeking care anytime, anywhere

Portal for careseekers looking for help and for those seniors looking for that second career.


Tough to swallow

Dysphagia affects a number of older adults and for caregivers, there are several approaches to ease the problem.


Guidebook for caregivers

A resource of information to assist caregivers throughout the entire journey of caregiving from health to sickness.


Living before leaving

An end-of-life roadshow sheds light about palliative and hospice care in light of the lack of awareness.


Burden no more

A woman opens up about her early struggles and frustration with her mother who has dementia to where she is today, more in control.


Getting mum or dad to try adult diapers without starting World War III

Seven practical tips to approaching your parents in a dignified way.


Developing cooperative relationships in caregiving

Caregiving can’t be done alone and will need family members involved. However, having a cooperative relationship amongst the family can be hard.