Links to organisations



Centre for Seniors – A non-profit organisation that promotes the total well-being of seniors, particularly their vocational, financial and psycho-social well-being. 

Council for Third Age – An independent body that funds programmes and activities that support active ageing and promote inter-generational bonding.

RSVP Singapore – The Organisation of Senior Volunteers –  A non-profit organisation that provides opportunities for seniors to serve the community with their talent and experience, and to make their lives meaningful and enjoyable through volunteerism. The organisation also has a social enterprise arm called RSVP Proguide.

Tsao Foundation – A not-for-profit organisation devoted to promoting successful ageing, alleviating the hardships of ageing, and pioneering new approaches to ageing and eldercare throughout Singapore and the region.

Women’s Intiative for Ageing Successfully (WINGS) – This non-profit education centre for women aged 40 and older aims to improve women’s health, wealth and happiness so as to help them age actively.




Agency for Integrated Care (Silver Pages)

Alzheimer’s Disease Association

AWWA Centre for Caregivers

Breast Cancer Foundation

Central Provident Fund Board

Diabetic Society of Singapore

Glaucoma Patients Association

Health Promotion Board

IDA Singapore

Macular Degeneration Society


National Arthritis Foundation

National Library Board

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

NTUC Health

Osteoporosis Society

O’Joy Care Services

Parkinson’s Disease Society

SAGE Counselling Centre

SG Enable

Singapore Cancer Society

Singapore Heart Foundation

Singapore Sleep Society

Singapore Urological Association

Society for Continence

Sport Singapore

Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP)