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Seeing dementia through a teenager’s eyes

A 16-year-old shares his perspective about this disorder from his experience volunteering at elderly daycare centres.


Men, get socially & physically active

An observational study done by NUS found that those single or widowed men aged 55 years and over have a higher risk of cognitive impairment.


Frozen in time

A Raffles Junior College student tackles dementia in a short film.


Burden no more

A woman opens up about her early struggles and frustration with her mother who has dementia to where she is today, more in control.


Essential truths about dementia

As our population ages, dementia will increase, so debunking its myths are essential in understanding the condition and lowering your risk.


A 17-year-old does combat with Alzheimer’s disease

Thanks to his experience with his great-grandmother, one US teenager is determined to do whatever he can to help those with the disease.


A safe return

An ID card for seniors with dementia.


Child’s play

These toys are not just for kids but also for those with dementia.


The power of stories

Telling stories before we forget, two young passionate men share their feat to reduce stigma of dementia and provide support for caregivers.  


Seniors’ co-operative movement in Singapore takes shape

New co-operatives are coming up – set up and run by seniors to serve the specific needs of their peers.