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Cigna provides special extension coverage measures for COVID-19

The insurer adds telehealth services for its members.


Maid insurance

Insurer FWD provides zero excess for the mandatory security bond in its base plan.


Comparing life insurance products online

New Web portal to help consumers make informed decisions about what policy to buy and how much coverage to get.


A holistic cancer care

A new insurance plan by AXA Life looks beyond the disease and more at the patient and his or her needs.


Extended insurance payouts

Life insurance company provides income for the client’s lifetime.


Caring for the silver market

Insurance plan covers basic accidental risks that elderly are prone to.


Protecting what’s yours: Take cover with health insurance

How much do I need? Is there an age limit? How do I prevent duplicate coverage? These questions and more will be answered.


7 reasons you can’t retire

Do you look to your golden years with a sense of joy or fear? What kind of retirement do you see for yourself?