In early 2009, I attended a conference and was struck by one of the closing remarks. The speaker shared how one woman through filling a need started a seniors’ organisation in the US, which today has helped many and its membership has grown by leaps and bounds. I guess you could say that is what I am trying to do with Ageless Online. In this youth-obsessed society that we live in, why can’t we be senior-obsessed?

There is a growing senior population worldwide, as well as here in Singapore. I won’t bore you with the numbers as they have been highlighted time and time again. This population will be a force to reckon with, if they have not already, and they should not be ignored. Many people before me have started the work to break down the myths and stereotypes that exist of seniors, but there is still much more work to be done.

If some of you are probably wondering – why me, I have that answer. I may not be a senior just yet but I will be there soon. I have a parent who is a senior and an inspiring one herself – in her early 70s, she still does runs and used to do the 10k marathon and skis in the US every year without fail. I have also run a seniors’ magazine called “Senior Life” some 12 years ago, run and founded two other seniors’ magazines “Prime” and “Gao Feng” (Chinese) in 2006, and have done a number of projects related to seniors. I have some wonderful friends who are seniors and who continue to inspire me as well as everyone around them. And pretty much, I do this work because I care … I want to make the world we live in just a little bit better.

I hope Ageless Online leaves you inspired and wanting more. I hope it shows you that age is really just a number, and you need to embrace it and enjoy it like the many people I profile. You know the pebble in the water? The water ripples when the pebble hits it, influencing the way the calm water reacts. Ageless Online is all that and more. Our first task is to debunk the stereotype that seniors are not IT-savvy and don’t know how to turn on the computer. Ageless Online proves that is so wrong and by tackling the mindset one step at a time, maybe our tomorrow will be a whole lot better.

So all you silver surfers, enjoy and feel free to send me your thoughts or any ideas here. Do check out my blog, another unique senior product by Ageless Pte Ltd, and please do pass the word along so others know that these websites do exist and can enjoy it too! Do subscribe as both sites are free – the best things in life really are free 🙂

Eleanor Yap, founder/director/editor