Inspiring Figures

Getting a degree

The oldest graduand in this year’s Singapore University of Social Studies convocation event was 73-year-old Tan Tiang Wang.

Parkour for seniors

Two seniors share their experiences and that age shouldn’t be a limit.

Pebble art

They may be common objects but to Lim Teo Cher, they mean a whole lot more.

Never too late to run

Vincent Chua has found love in running and continues doing it at age 70.

Longest serving staff at SATA CommHealth

Tham Hong Soon has been with the organisation for 64 years, starting the job at the age of 16!

Wanted: Models with silver hair and the lines of age

This unique talent management agency aims to dispel misperceptions about ageing by offering ordinary folks over 50 a chance to be in front of the camera.

Simple repair work

Daniel Ow has turned his skills into helping seniors in need.

In step as one family

Father-and-son duo run shop to educate and bring affordable orthopaedic footwear to the community.

The environmentalist

Grant Pereira was named the winner of the People of Good (senior) award at this year’s President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards.

Pursuing a childhood dream

Chang Swee Wah put his dream on hold but after retirement, it was time to revisit it.

A different collector

Richard Wee is fascinated by handbags and pouches, and is sharing his collection in a book.

Giving back

This year’s RSVP Volunteer of the Year shares his volunteering journey.

Turning bottle caps into unique pieces of art

Goh Pi Kuan has taken upcycling to a new level, keeping himself active and creating a hobby business.

“Magic man”

Yeo Pee Pin is not letting brain injury, heart attack, cardiac surgeries, pneumonia, seizures, intubations and several cardiopulmonary resuscitations get in his way.

Bee crazy

A MOE teacher for 37 years trades classroom teaching to teaching visitors about bees.