Living with more than just diabetes

Retired senior banker Peter Lim not only has diabetes, he also has heart failure and partial blindness. He shares his story to bring more awareness.

Aids for those with low vision

There are optical aids and other ways where one with low vision can continue to live independently.

Rehabilitation tips for seniors

Have a smooth transition as you head home for your recovery.

Let’s do the flamenco

Flamenco Sin Fronteras’ community outreach programme has more than 20 seniors doing flamenco dance moves.

Vaccination tips

Advice on recommended vaccines for seniors and tips for care.

New treatment for coronary artery disease

The drug-eluting cardiovascular device moves more naturally with the artery wall.

First female CPR manikin vest

The Singapore Heart Foundation has created the first female CPR manikin vest to help save women’s lives.

Simple exercises to do at home

It’s been raining a lot lately. The wet weather and slippery ground can make it more challenging for seniors to exercise and take their strolls outdoors. Yet it is important for them to stay active and get moving. Below are some simple that you can do at home:  

A blurry vision

Age-related macular degeneration does not cause complete blindness but it can make it harder to drive, see faces and do close-up work.

More vaccination centres planned

Seniors will be progressively receiving letters to book an appointment for their vaccination.

Prepare yourself for the flu season

Four ways to protect yourself and your loved ones naturally.

Rebuilding health from inside out, top to toe

New chiropractic and holistic healthcare practice opens up to address migraines to lower back pain.

5 simple tips to limit your ‘holiday indulgence’

Don’t use this festive season to postpone your healthy choices.

The ‘silent thief of sight’

Find out which eye condition is labelled this.

4 types of home exercises for seniors

Find out the different benefits and common errors.