More middle-aged and older men seeking male breast reduction in Singapore

According to a doctor, the mean age was 33, however in recent years, older male patients above 42 have increased, with the oldest being 70.

First clinical cancer drug screening test

It looks to personalise treatments by improving the efficiency of chemotherapy regimes through testing using patients’ own cancer cells.

8 misconceptions about shingles

A dermatologist shares the reality and what you need to know.

Adjusting to changes

A symposium by Parkway Cancer Centre on preparing and starting cancer treatment to returning to work.

Spreading hope

Breast Cancer Foundation held a fashion event with 10 breast cancer survivors.

Our latest Singapore export

New York seniors are getting Gym Tonic and help them get strength training.

Lack of understanding of shingles

GSK Singapore released findings of global survey highlighting the gaps related to shingles.

Insights into stroke patients’ physical activity

The comprehensive study offers insights into how factors such as fatigue, sleep and social interaction can impact the quality of life and care for these patients.

First Breast Cancer Support Centre

The centre offers guidance and support to newly diagnosed patients and those still undergoing support.

New clues on how ageing alters brain cells’ ability to maintain memory

NTU scientists found that communication among brain cells is disrupted with ageing and this can begin in middle age.

Getting grandchildren aware of stroke symptoms

With them being with their grandparents, they too could play a crucial role.

Pushing the boundaries

The founder of Movement Singapore is showing that age shouldn’t limit someone from trying parkour.

New benefits to support policyholders from mild disability

CareShield Plus policyholders will receive 100-percent monthly payout for up to 12 months when they are unable to perform one Activity of Daily Living.

Dear men

The Breast Cancer Foundation callout aims to redefine the role of men in getting women to go for early detection.

Healthy ageing and vascular dementia workshops

Special edition ‘Balik Kampung’ workshops aim to reach over 280 seniors, to trigger reminiscing and keep the mind active.