Spreading the healthy living message

David Tan knows first-hand the benefit of keeping healthy and is volunteering to help others improve their health and lifestyle.

4 tips to overcome empty nest syndrome

It is the holidays that hit seniors hardest the most when their children have left the “nest”. Find out what you can do to overcome this.

Getting back on her feet

Catherine Lee encountered two stroke symptoms in 2020 and wrote it off until she had to go to the hospital.

A link between diabetes and peripheral neuropathy

Find out more about the symptoms and treatment options.

Collaboration to advance patient care, support and education

AstraZeneca will support in conducting workshops and talks, and drive programmes to promote early detection and prevention.

Gender-based disparity in diagnosis, treatment and management of atrial fibrillation

A new report including insights from international experts reveals a need for a tailored management approach in women.

Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention Festival returns

This year’s event will be held in-person for the first time and provide awareness and education.

A fund for seniors to have FUN

The S$1.35-million fund is open to all community care organisations to support them in developing activities for seniors.

Health tracking app that links a patient to family doctor, etc to manage chronic conditions

Three hundred eligible patients will be the first to be onboarded.

Glaucoma researchers secure grant to reduce glaucoma-linked blindness in Singapore

The five-year multi-institution and multi-disciplinary programme has five themes including new technologies to screen undiagnosed glaucoma.

Health initiative for gig economy workers

The initiative aims to bring meaningful health programmes to 20,000 gig economy workers and other self-employed persons by 2024.

Generations Connect Project in Hong Kong

It brings nursing students together with seniors to boost emotional resilience.

Inaugural Singapore Community Walk

Two hundred and fifty participants across four nursing homes, including 82 residents, will walk in celebration of International Day for Older Persons.

Light up

The landmarks light up to commemorate World Alzheimer’s Day and champion the dementia cause in Singapore.

Battling high blood cholesterol

Singapore Heart Foundation’s two-day roadshow promotes preventive measures to reduce cardiovascular disease.