Ageless Kids

Be a part of a movement to become an ageless and connected community where the young and seniors talk and learn from each other, and where seniors are not viewed as always needing help and the young are the ones always providing it.

If you are an educational institution or learning centre, or if you are holding a corporate event with your employees’ kids, and would like your students and employees’ kids to become more empathetic and understanding of our community, especially seniors, as they will one day grow older too:


We offer three short talks –
1) Understanding an ageing population and its challenges + hear from seniors themselves
2) How to communicate with seniors + try out with a real-life senior (get a chance to work on our other initiative – FACEUP)
3) Starting a ground-up initiative for seniors (listen to some youths who have started initiatives for seniors and their challenges) + and get much-needed advice

Talks can be customised.

Fees are negotiable and seniors must be paid. For more information, e-mail to:

If you are a senior who is personable and enjoys talking to the young, contact us too!! We want you to be a part of our ageless community 🙂