Staying active in your home

Flair Artz International has a new initiative that will keep seniors active and have fun with family members.


Nuggets of information

Brand-new series of live talks by NSA on topics relating to active ageing.


Activities for seniors online

Stuck at home and no activities to attend? No worries, you can still learn new things and be active.


Precautionary measures for seniors

MOH releases advisory for seniors, as well as for family members and caregivers of seniors.


Further suspension on senior-centric activities

MOH extends the suspension until April 7 and encourages seniors to continue to be active during this period.


5 non-profits supporting seniors are part of PC2020

This year’s President’s Challenge is also focusing on supporting initiatives that empower persons with disabilities.


Am I old?

A stand-up comedy act about ageing and caregiving.


New scam involving takeover of Whatsapp accounts

The Police are advising the public to not share account verification codes with anyone.


Combatting fake news

NTU students launch campaign targetted at WhatsApp in Singapore.


Spreading generosity

Kind-hearted individuals have started ground-up initiatives to help those in need and to appreciate healthcare workers.