Dealing with ups & down

A Pioneer Generation member shares his two health issues and the lessons he learned from them.

Living in my kampong

A 76-year-old shares how it was like living 43 years in a kampong, and the simple and tranquil life.

Forever youthful

It is not just about diet, it encompasses a whole lot more, shared a 59-year-old advocate of “holistic wealth”.

It’s Spring at 70

2011 Active Ager award winner Dr William Wan shares his thoughts on turning 70.

The changing Singapore River

The Singapore River of the past was not like what it is today. It was heavily polluted and had lots of river traffic.

The cruel fate of Sungei Road market

Looking back at how this flea market came about and why it is important to find a permanent home for it.

Living in Tiong Bahru

A woman shares her experiences living in a Government rental with her mother and three uncles, and a growing extended family.

Life in Taiping

Moving to this town in Perak was a change but not all rosy. This is Part III and the final part in the series.

A glimpse into the Japanese Occupation

An 87-year-old shares her trials and tribulations from 1941 to 1945. Originally this story was shared with her young granddaughter. This is Part I in a three-part series of her story.

My bucket-list

Dr William Wan shares his bucket-list and quite a few items he has already checked off including skydiving and scuba diving!

Arranged marriage

An 80-year-old grandmother of four and mother of two shares her story of her arranged marriage, her husband’s passing and her taking control of her life.

Separated by sea & sky

Sixty-nine-year-old father of two and a grandfather of four opens up on his poignant story about his long-lost father and how today, he is closer to his children and grandchildren.

“My three retirements”

A 79-year-old grandfather of two shares about his retirements and where he currently finds meaning in his life.

My childhood adventures

A 76-year-old shares what it was like when he was younger and the games he used to play.

For the love of teaching

A 90-year-old shares his fulfilling life teaching.