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Recent Articles

  • Stand up against frailty
    22 Apr
    Stand up against frailty


    Nationwide challenge raises awareness on preventing muscle loss and frailty in Singaporean adults.

  • HIV in seniors
    17 Apr
    HIV in seniors


    Seniors can be at risk especially those who have come out of a relationship and get involved in a casual relationship.

  • Know the risks of Meibomiam Gland Dysfunction
    12 Apr
    Know the risks of Meibomiam Gland Dysfunction


    Many are unfamiliar with MGD and are not aware that it is a leading cause of dry eye disease.  

  • Stepping up against dementia
    09 Apr
    Stepping up against dementia


    A team from NTU aims to encourage Singaporeans to take more walks so as to reduce the risk or progression of dementia.

  • A greying inmate population
    04 Apr
    A greying inmate population


    More above 60 were sent to prison and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre last year, according to statistics.