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Recent Articles

  • Cleaning the floor with steam
    17 Oct
    Cleaning the floor with steam


    Karcher’s latest steam mop is able to penetrate and deep-clean virtually all surfaces.

  • Improving fitness with BICEPS
    15 Oct
    Improving fitness with BICEPS


    With physical exercise, seniors get additional benefits including improvements in muscle strength, gait speed, balance and confidence.

  • Understanding stroke
    10 Oct
    Understanding stroke


    Q. I have several questions about stroke – what are the main risk factors? What are the common signs of stroke? How common is a stroke? Why is it important to call 995 for an ambulance?

  • 10 ways to improve male sexual performance
    07 Oct
    10 ways to improve male sexual performance


    As we age, just like bodily functions, sexual performance may also not be as great as before.

  • Stroke awareness campaign
    02 Oct
    Stroke awareness campaign


    Key messages are to ‘Stop Stroke’ and ‘Spot Stroke’.