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Recent Articles

  • Definitely not Romeo & Juliet
    14 Feb
    Definitely not Romeo & Juliet


    Seniors from Ageless Theatre are readying for their eighth production which takes on a different spin from the Shakespearian tragedy.

  • Fuelling their passions
    13 Feb
    Fuelling their passions


    Seven over-50s come together to start a social enterprise to help VWOs with video and photography services.

  • Sail into the new year
    08 Feb
    Sail into the new year


    Get inspiration on the wide world of cruises from Lonely Planet’s new book.

  • Digital readiness
    07 Feb
    Digital readiness


    The National Library Board is organising a two-day event introducing seniors to technology is a conducive setting.

  • A recipe for a successful family
    01 Feb
    A recipe for a successful family


    The Necessary Stage’s Theatre For Seniors puts on its latest production where seniors weave together stories about love in families.