Legacy Project

Got a story about your life that you would like to share with your loved ones but don’t know how to go about it? Well, we have a solution for you; we will assist you in the writing of your story and helping you get it printed into a simple book. All you have to do is pass the copies out to whomever you would like to give it to and even, autograph it if you wish.

We feel strongly that writing your story and leaving behind a legacy is crucial as it allows the next generation to understand and appreciate where they came from. It also leaves behind a clear story rather than one that might be re-told incorrectly by your children.

Your story can be about many things, including:

  • Your childhood,
  • Experiences during World War II,
  • How you met your spouse,
  • A sad/happy moment in your life, or
  • Your working life.


You tell us and we will write it either in English or Chinese, or even both. The book, which will also include a chosen selection of your pictures, is a great memento and a legacy to you, and it also serves as something your loved ones, including your grandchildren, can treasure for a lifetime. The writers behind this project are known for their passion with seniors including Eleanor Yap and Yap Swee Cheng. Swee Cheng has been working on a number of projects related to seniors in the areas of ageing-in-place, ageing successfully, pursuing financial freedom and happiness after retirement. She was the writer in a SG50 book called “An Extraordinary Ordinary Story – The Stories of Our Pioneers”, detailing 50 stories of Singapore’s seniors.

To find out more about the Legacy Project or to get a quote, e-mail the writers at eleanor@agelessonline.net or asksweecheng@gmail.com. For non-profits or senior-related organisations, who are interested in sharing this service to their members, a commission will be offered if their contacts prove successful.