A HAPPYer you

NUHS community-based initiative that combines physical and mental exercises is set to expand islandwide.


A pain in the neck?

Research reveals many Singaporeans are living with long-term pain.


Dragon boat community races

Seniors and cancer survivors competed in the recent DBS Marina Regatta.


Tobacco past & present

Efforts in advocating the harmfulness of tobacco has not reduced the number of smokers globally. To commemorate World No Tobacco Day on May 31, we ask can there be an end to nicotine addiction?


Second S3 centre opens at Jurong Point

To help with the increasing cases of stroke and to help provide long-term care for stroke survivors, S3 has opened its second centre.


HDB with Temasek Polytechnic to promote active ageing in HDB estates

The three-year collaboration will have gerontology students put in practice what they have learnt.


Breakfast decisions based on convenience

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, a survey found that Asia-Pacific consumers made decisions ahead of health benefits and nutritional value.


Stand up against frailty

Nationwide challenge raises awareness on preventing muscle loss and frailty in Singaporean adults.


Know the risks of Meibomiam Gland Dysfunction

Many are unfamiliar with MGD and are not aware that it is a leading cause of dry eye disease.  


Stepping up against dementia

A team from NTU aims to encourage Singaporeans to take more walks so as to reduce the risk or progression of dementia.