Gloves to reduce tremors from Parkinson’s

Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University launches latest gloves which are lightweight and cheaper than its previous version.

Extending health spans

The Dynamic Resilience Programme aims to identify and validate health resilience measures and models, and develop and test new interventions to improve health outcomes in older people after stress events.

App simplifies subsidised vaccinations for seniors

The health appointment system allows them to book appointments using a QR code scan.

First purpose-built space in a museum for those with mild cognitive impairment and dementia

The space comprises of a group activity area, an immersive projection cave, a Quiet Room, and music booths.

DOT & Shop programme renewed

The programme supports tuberculosis patients by dispensing supermarket vouchers as incentives to encourage them to complete the full course of treatment.

Lipid-lowering drug could potentially treat corneal nerve damage in patients with diabetes

Clinical trial among 30 patients with Type 2 diabetes shows promising results of fenofibrate as an effective and affordable treatment option for diabetic corneal neuropathy.

Singaporeans with hearing loss unwilling to seek treatment

Survey finds that work commitments and family as key motivators to seek treatment for hearing difficulties.

Know all about cataracts

Johnson & Johnson Vision has come up with a three-part video series to bring more awareness of this condition.

Protect against shingles

Over 90 percent of adults above the age of 50 carry the virus that causes shingles; yet only three percent of Singaporeans in this age group believe they are at high risk of developing the disease.

A siew dai cookie?

Concerned about your sugar intake, no worries in this new version of Subway’s chocolate chip cookie.

HPB to spur more residents to meet physical activity recommendations

It is increasing the availability of physical activity programmes and refining the National Steps Challenge.

Closing care gap in cancer awareness, continuum of cancer care

Singapore Cancer Society partners the National Cancer Centre Singapore and National University Cancer Institute.

The refreshed Action Plan for Successful Ageing

The plan will focus on community initiatives to empower Singaporeans to take charge of their own ageing journeys.

Spreading the healthy living message

David Tan knows first-hand the benefit of keeping healthy and is volunteering to help others improve their health and lifestyle.

4 tips to overcome empty nest syndrome

It is the holidays that hit seniors hardest the most when their children have left the “nest”. Find out what you can do to overcome this.