Dear men

The Breast Cancer Foundation callout aims to redefine the role of men in getting women to go for early detection.

Healthy ageing and vascular dementia workshops

Special edition ‘Balik Kampung’ workshops aim to reach over 280 seniors, to trigger reminiscing and keep the mind active.

Shining a light on dementia

Building awareness on dementia in the heartlands.

Cultivating an active retirement living destination

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) has introduced a pilot programme called “Rejuvenate with Malaysia Healthcare”.

Knowledge and perception of cataract treatment

Johnson & Johnson Vision’s survey shares that half with cataract symptoms have not had cataract surgery are afraid of undergoing surgery.

Free lung cancer screening

Lung cancer is the first and third leading cause of death among males and females respectively in Singapore between 2016 and 2020.

Cancer warrior

The grandmother of seven was found at risk of nutritional decline after assessment in the NCIS Geri-Onco GOLDEN programme.

New programme integrating cancer and geriatric care puts spotlight on patients in their golden years

Six in 10 had a change in treatment plans after going through the programme, study shows.

Six to 10 optimistic about staying healthy till old age

Singaporeans are re-evaluating their priorities and placing more importance on physical fitness, according to report.

First private dialysis clinic in HDB community space

Swedish company now has 12 clinics islandwide, caring for over 527 patients.

Western medicine and TCM under one roof

The new clinic by Eu Yan Sang also has an experience corner.

Raising awareness of lupus

This chronic autoimmune disease causes inflammation and pain in any part of the body.

Gloves to reduce tremors from Parkinson’s

Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University launches latest gloves which are lightweight and cheaper than its previous version.

Extending health spans

The Dynamic Resilience Programme aims to identify and validate health resilience measures and models, and develop and test new interventions to improve health outcomes in older people after stress events.

App simplifies subsidised vaccinations for seniors

The health appointment system allows them to book appointments using a QR code scan.