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Get challenged

New for this years’ National Steps Challenge is the Silver Challenge, which promotes healthy ageing among seniors.


Pick up a script!

The Necessary Stage’s Theatre For Seniors is conducting a script-centred workshop in February.


A Sandsational three weeks

Sandsation 2017, part of the festival, will feature more than 30 intricately-carved and larger-than-life sand sculptures of some five metres in height.


Stack ‘em up

A fast activity to improve your focus and reaction time.



Lee Poh Leng loved his volunteering experience at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) so much that he decided to join as a part-time staff.


Reminiscing about the good old days

Lam Chun See shares memories of what it was like growing up in a kampung in the 1950s and 1960s though his nostalgia blog.


You’re never too old to write a book

Age is only a barrier if you let it!


Building bonds over books

Reading Clubs are enabling seniors to keep their minds sharp through book readings and discussions. And, they get to make new friends too.


Oldest volunteer at Ren Ci Hospital

Seventy-seven-year-old Lee Chik has been volunteering at the hospital for 16 years and is not planning to stop any time soon.


Living a life of no regrets

A jovial granny on-stage and off-stage, Beatrice Chien shares how she pursued her passion of acting at the age of 62.