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Understanding Alzheimer’s disease

Calling for entries to expand understanding and explanation of Alzheimer’s disease.


Essential truths about dementia

As our population ages, dementia will increase, so debunking its myths are essential in understanding the condition and lowering your risk.


A 17-year-old does combat with Alzheimer’s disease

Thanks to his experience with his great-grandmother, one US teenager is determined to do whatever he can to help those with the disease.


Taking on the role of the caregiver

This retiree shares his caregiving experience with his wife who has Alzheimer’s disease.


Conditions that mimic Alzheimer’s disease

Q. What are some conditions that tend to be mistaken as Alzheimer’s disease?


Losing Grandma

An author of a children’s book delves into the serious topic of Alzheimer’s disease.


Broaching a test for Alzheimer’s

Q. How does a family member best broach the subject of a memory test (to test for Alzheimer’s) to a loved one who may or may not have the condition?


The power of stories

Telling stories before we forget, two young passionate men share their feat to reduce stigma of dementia and provide support for caregivers.