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Latest treatment for prostate cancer

This non-invasive targeted therapy treatment will allow cancer patients to have less impotence and reduced urine incontinence.


Chasing mosquitos

Globavir is on course with clinical trials and a drug in the market for dengue fever may follow if successful.


Promising treatment for advanced breast cancer

Study showed that Novartis Kisqali in combination with letrozole reduce risk of disease progression or death by 43 percent.


New treatment option for those with prostate cancer

This non-chemotherapy treatment option can help improve survival rates.


A trojan horse for cancer

A large oncology study has found that resin beads that emit radiation can give patients who have inoperable liver cancer new hope.


Breakthrough prostate cancer treatment

New treatment option gives hope to advanced prostate cancer sufferers, whose cancer has spread to the bones.


Breast cancer treatment reduced

New radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer patients will cut down the current conventional treatment.