A wellness regime for seniors, those with menopause

by | January 25, 2019

The Minus Calories workout strengthens the muscles and bones, and is gentle on the knees.


The Minus Calories Workout.

Lifestyle and wellness brand Active Hive has launched a Minus Calories Self-Service Automated Express NIR Workout Studio in Singapore’s prime district and central locations. The workouts are for ladies only and are suitable for ladies who prefer their privacy, seniors, those who are overweight, and have menopause.

So, what is the 30-minute Minus Calories Workout? It has proven to be a sustainable workout with lasting results, excellent for stamina-building, improving metabolism, weight loss, body firming and more, according to Active Hive. It is also gentle on the knees, and strengthens the muscles and bones.

The studio offers a self-service automation so clients who want to work out simply have to book their preferred time and the slot is then dedicated to them. Clients can easily gain access with a special access pin. The workout is conducted in a private room.

There are two workout studios in Central at Parc Somme (which operates 24 hours), and another in Bukit Timah. Each workout session costs S$48 and there are also VIP unlimited packages available where you pay per month. For enquiries, whatsapp 9236 4678 or e-mail: activehive@gmail.com.




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