Ad-hoc help for fragile elderly

by | November 7, 2013

Q. Are there any relevant agencies/voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) that provide ad-hoc services such as accompanying fragile elderly for medical appointments, visiting markets and parks, etc. Some elderly may not need to hire a full-time helper but just need some help when they go out, especially if they are on a wheelchair.


For caregivers who need support to help bring their frail elderly for medical appointments, they may choose to tap on the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)’s programme, Senior Home Care (SHC) (previous known as ‘Home Help’). There are subsidies available if the senior meets the care assessment criteria in requiring assistance for ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and if the family income meets the Means-testing criteria. In addition to escort services, caregivers can also check out the other services provided under SHC, such as housekeeping.

Some of SHC’s VWO partners include NTUC Eldercare, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home, Sathya Sai Social Service, Sunlove, Bethesda and Presbyterian Community Services. There are also some private players who offer a variety of services including Econ Healthcare Group, Lentor Residences, Noble Care (Comfort Keepers) and Orange Valley Nursing Home. For more details, go to: – Singapore Silver Pages (by AIC)

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