Art exhibition to contemplate and celebrate lives, legacies and transitions

by | February 21, 2024

There will also be guided tours and other programmes by Both Sides, Now.


Both Sides, Now is having an art exhibition with programmes, including conversations and tours by senior collaborators, at Wellness Kampung @ 765 Nee Soon Central (Yishun Street 72) from March 9 to 20 to contemplate and celebrate lives, legacies and transitions.

Before heading down, you can hear the reflections of the senior collaborators as they share their journeys with end-of-life matters in a video called tides. The exhibition with these collaborators is open on weekdays at 10am to 6pm and on weekends at 10am to 8pm.

There are also guided tours and other programmes including an exhibition tour by the senior collaborators, engage in a range of end-of-life conversations and listen to a talk on demystifying end-of-life preparation.

Both Sides, Now is by ArtsWok Collaborative, an arts-based community development organisation in Singapore. They believe “death and dying are natural facets of life and discussing them should not be regarded as morbid or taboo. Instead, it can be gentle and hopeful, reminding us how we wish to live and what truly matters to us”.

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