Inspiring Figures

Sister act

Two sisters volunteer together at a polyclinic assisting elderly patients and caregivers.


The sweet sound of music

This enterprising 69-year-old has found a gap when he discovered the ukulele, which has led him to find meaning in his life.


Challenging ageing

Three inspiring Dialogue with Time senior guides show that ageing is really just a number.


The role model

Frankie Ng not only exercises regularly but also encourages others to live an active lifestyle.


A guide to all

A 76-year-old recounts her early years, but it is her present doing voluntary guiding that she is most proud of.


Living life to the fullest

Edwin Khoo has faced challenges after challenges, and each time, he took the lessons in his stride.


Destined to serve

It was chance that brought Priscilla Theseira to a career in special education and she hasn’t looked back since.


A friend in need

Ow Tuck Choy is a busy man these days as he has 10 befriendees under him that he keeps a close eye on. As much as it prevents vulnerable seniors from further social isolation, he also gains in making new friends.


Life without Bernard

Bessie Yap shares about her husband whom she lost in 2013 to cancer, and her life after.


Banking on relationships

This senior is rich in his bank, not the money bank but the relationship bank. Building positive relationships is what he is passionate about and hopes he can convince others too.