Inspiring Figures

History lessons

Jean Wang has been a tour guide for more than 40 years and loves sharing to tourists about Singapore’s history and stories.

A ray of sunshine

Belinda Sunshine Yeo is spreading her bubbly personality and sharing her trademark scarf around her neck to Singapore!

Novelist, singer wins Cultural Medallion award

Recognising their contributions to the local arts scene, Chia Joo Ming and Rahimah Rahim were conferred with the award.

Two social workers awarded outstanding social worker award

One has contributed to cancer patients and their families, while the other to the protection of children and families affected by violence and divorce.

Taking cleanliness to new heights

Tang Yin Pheng has been a cleaner at various eateries for over 20 years, and enjoys keeping the tables clean and bonding with her colleagues.

Being silver

St Luke’s Hospital celebrates its 25th anniversary by promoting active ageing.

Hooked on fishing

Francis Ng started fishing back in 1993 and enjoys the “tug of war” with the fishes.

Cool beans

When Richard Koh got retrenched, he still had a lot of energy so he tried his hand at the coffee business.

Coming full circle

Gary Teo was a caregiver for his mother and sister who had dementia and now he is helping clients with dementia.

‘Granfluencers’ breaking stereotypes

Seniors embracing ageing through social media are capturing the hearts of fans of all ages globally.

Going solo

William Oh has been solo backpacking for more than 30 years and has compiled his own ‘house rules’, which he follows diligently.

A journey of perseverence

Singaporean batik painter Sarkasi Said has had many lows and highs cultivating his passion.

Two artists conferred Cultural Medallions

A pioneer of batik painting, Sarkasi Said, is one of the award winners.

Seniors helping seniors

A TTSH programme of peer support leaders helps to encourage seniors in the community to lead more active and healthier lifestyles.

Home is where we are

Award-winning historian and author shares his second volume of his memoirs.