Senior, residents in Chong Pang embrace digital literacy

by | April 7, 2024

They explored online shopping experiences through hands-on activities at the event, which was part of Chong Pang GROs and Shopee’s educational and community-building efforts to build seniors’ online confidence.


Seniors and their families in Chong Pang recently embraced the joy of lifelong learning while picking up new digital literacy skills at a community event called Shopee Empowers Seniors. The event was graced by K Shanmugam, grassroots adviser to Chong Pang Grassroots Organisations (GROs), Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, highlighting the importance of empowering seniors in the digital age.

Jointly organised with Chong Pang GROs, in support of the Digital for Life (DfL) movement, the event featured a series of interactive stations aimed at educating participants on navigating digital transactions online, safely and securely. As part of the DfL movement, participants were empowered with essential digital skills through these activities, in line with Shopee and Chong Pang GROs’ commitment to make digital services and technology more accessible to Singaporeans of all ages.

Seniors and their families at the Shopee Learning Booths received personalised guidance on downloading the app, account registration, and performing seamless e-commerce purchases. Participants were provided attractive shopping vouchers to kickstart their e-commerce journeys. In partnership with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Shopee has developed resources, aligned with the Digital Skills for Life framework, to equip participants with essential digital skills. This includes guidance on how to navigate the digital space and stay safe online.

Shopee also included entertainment in the programme, with a booth that allowed participants to try their hand at a few of Shopee’s popular in-app games. Based on a Shopee 2023 consumer survey, senior shoppers said that beyond shopping, they enjoyed Shopee’s in-app games, which provide engagement and fun for their free time.

“As our world becomes more digitally advanced, we must ensure our seniors do not feel left behind. With the combined effort of the grassroots, corporate partners and government agencies, we can support our seniors to feel empowered and confident in the digital space,” said Minister Shanmugam. “Happy to see many Chong Pang seniors motivated to learn new skills, and keep mentally active.”

“Using apps and shopping online may seem easy for many of us. However, the Shopee team has often heard feedback from seniors that while they are interested in e-commerce, they do not know how to shop online, or they are worried about online safety. Thus, today’s event is Shopee’s effort in reaching out to seniors so that they can be included in enjoying the benefits and convenience of e-commerce,” said Chua Kel Jin, director, Shopee Singapore.

Beyond the event, Singaporeans can continue to learn digital by visiting the 37 SG Digital Community Hubs located island-wide, in selected community centres and public libraries, or visit the Digital for Life portal ( for more resources and digital events online.


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