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by | May 20, 2022

New addition to mikrozid range for COVID-19.


Surface wipes.

Schülke has added mikrozid suface wipes to its mikrozid range for COVID-19. The surface wipes which has 120 wipes are alcohol-based medical-grade solution to clean surfaces. They can be used for quick, comprehensive disinfection of all kinds of wipeable surfaces, including smart devices, where short contact times are required and material-friendly disinfectant are needed. They are dermatologically-tested and safe to be used without gloves.

The company also has its hospital-grade Microshield Angel Blue handrub that is alcohol-based and contains 70 percent v/v ethanol. According to Schülke, the product has proven efficacy against virucidal activity and at the same time, keeps your hands feeling soft, smooth and hydrated without leaving a sticky residue. It is specially formulated to care for skin even after frequent and repeated use. The company also offers other products such as esemtan skin cleanser which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, and octenisept antiseptic solution.


The mikrozid surfaces wipes cost S$20 and Microshield Angel Blue (500ml) costs $22. Select products are available on Amazon and Lazada, as well as Guardian, Watsons and Unity.


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