Deliveroo spends Ramadan with Jamiyah Home residents

by | March 21, 2024

Its initiative aims to ensure that nobody is forgotten as the Muslim community comes together for Ramadan.


Delivery service Deliveroo recently partnered with Jamiyah Home for the Aged (Darul Takrim) to spend time with 100 residents over Ramadan prayers (Mahgrib) and the breaking of fast (Iftar).

This year’s initiative, coined Deliveroo #ByYourSide, saw over 60 Deliveroo riders and employees taking time out off their busy schedules for a good cause on the first Friday of the Ramadan month. Through the distribution of food and other mingling activities, Deliveroo riders and employees spent Ramadan by the side of the residents soaking in the festivities and meaningful engagements.

Reiterating Deliveroo’s commitment to the cause, this initiative was also for residents of the home who were non-fasting, enabling them to come together with fellow residents and Deliveroo riders as a community. As such, volunteers were onsite early afternoon to help the home with preparations in order to get the meals ready for non-fasting residents by 5pm. Following which, riders then continued to mingle with the residents over activities such as games and chit-chat sessions until the breaking of fast during the evening prayers, where everyone had meals together with residents who were fasting.

The objective is to provide the seniors with a sense of belonging and to remind them that they too, are valued members of the community and our society. Deliveroo riders are also encouraged to volunteer at the Home beyond the session, continuing their support towards the cause.

“It is a joy getting to know the elderly at Jamiyah Home for the Aged and spend quality time with them, especially during this Ramadan season of community building,” said Nur Naila, a participating Deliveroo rider.


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