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by | June 9, 2022

Toothpaste containing an active ingredient that takes a natural approach to remineralising teeth.


Bioniq Repair Toothpaste.

The Dr Wolff Group, a family-owned pharmaceutical and cosmetic company, has launched its Bioniq Repair Toothpaste in Singapore. Singapore is said to be the first country that the product has been made available in Asia.

Its toothpaste contains 20-percent hydroxyapatite (HAP) or biomimetic enamel, an active ingredient that takes a natural approach to remineralising teeth, forming a protective layer against enamel erosion. HAP reduces oral health issues such as sensitive teeth, gum disease and helps to prevent cavities. Additionally, a HAP-based toothpaste also has cosmetic benefits when used twice daily such as removing teeth discolouration caused from substances including nicotine, tea or red wine.

Bioniq Repair Toothpaste Plus.

Dr Wolff Group has also launched its Bioniq Repair Toothpaste Plus which besides containing HAP, it also has two other active ingredients including lactoferrin and hyaluronic acid, which are known for their ability to combat oral bacteria and therefore, allow enamel repair plus gum protection.

Besides the launch of its first dental products locally, Dr Wolff also manufactures and distributes other internationally healthcare brands in Singapore such as Alpecin (hair), Plantur (hair), Alcina (skincare), Dr Wolff’s Vagisan (intimate care), and Linola (skincare).


** The Bioniq Repair-Toothpaste (75 ml) is retailing at S$14 while the Bioniq Repair-Toothpaste Plus (75 ml) is retailing at S$16. It is only available at Dr Wolff online shop at –



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