Digital health system to support those with diabetes

by | January 12, 2022

The subscription-based service allows users to track their glucose levels and other indicators, and access digital and health coach support.


Singapore-based digital health company ConnectedHealth has launched SugoSure, a digital health system supporting care for patients with Type 2 diabetes. It is targeted at patients less than 65 years of age with diagnosed Type 2 diabetes and sub-optimal to poor blood glucose control.

SugoSure is a clinically-validated system that connects patients, doctors and health coaches to deliver better health outcomes. It has user interfaces for each of three user types:
1) Patient App, for patients to track their blood glucose levels and other indicators, and access digital and health coach support;
2) Physician Portal, used by doctors for remote monitoring of patients;
3) Health Coach Portal, for health coaches to review patient indicators, develop lifestyle plans and communicate with patients and physicians.

Patients are also supported by SugoBot, SugoSure’s integral diabetes chatbot, providing immediate assistance to help them use the Patient App and better manage their diabetes. SugoSure runs on ConnectedHealth’s secure, cloud-based clinical data platform.

SugoSure is delivered in association with affiliated physicians (both private specialists and General Practitioners), who follow best-practice clinical protocols with assistance from SugoSure. This enables patients to achieve high standards of diabetes management in an easy-to-use and intuitive way.

Dr Ronald Ling, CEO of ConnectedHealth said: “Finding better ways for diabetes patients to self-manage and monitor has become critical in light of the growing prevalence of diabetes and continuing limitations in primary care. Many general practitioners cannot provide lifestyle and dietary support to equip their patients with the knowledge to self-manage well, which is fundamental for good diabetes care.

“Poorly managed Type 2 diabetes can lead to severe complications including heart, blood vessel and kidney diseases. SugoSure’s structured approach and health coach support helps patients to reduce their risk of long-term complications and improve their health status.”

Diabetes is a growing and complex problem, especially in Asia, which accounts for over 50 percent of the global diabetic population. In Singapore, over 400,000 people have diabetes and two thirds of patients with end-stage kidney failure have diabetes as the underlying cause. If left unchecked, nearly one million people in Singapore will have diabetes by 2050. It is already costing the country over S$1 billion a year to manage Type 2 diabetes. This is projected to rise to beyond S$2.5 billion annually by 2050. Those with diabetes are also at higher risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19.

SugoSure is a uniquely complete approach which tracks all key diabetes indicators and provides algorithm-driven patient feedback. Remote monitoring of this clinical data by health coaches and physicians enables closer supervision of patient progress, earlier problem detection and resolution.

SugoSure is a subscription-based service priced at S$99 for three months and includes digital health support, remote monitoring by your doctor and health coaching. SugoSure aims to improve control to targeted levels in six to 12 months. Initial results from beta testing have shown encouraging results, with several patients using SugoSure for more than a year showing sustained blood glucose and lifestyle improvements.

“SugoSure was developed with input from health professionals who have been long involved in diabetes care and based on patients’ needs and shortfalls in current diabetes management. For persons living with diabetes, SugoSure complements and improves diabetes management, helping to achieve treatment goals and prevent diabetes- related complications,” said Dr Kevin Tan, consultant endocrinologist, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, vice-president/past president, Diabetes Singapore and medical advisory board member, ConnectedHealth.

In the coming years, ConnectedHealth plans to build a range of products similar to SugoSure based on its clinical data platform. These products will apply clinical data to improve disease outcomes, broaden access to care and reduce cost, thereby catalysing the much-needed transformation of chronic disease management through technology.

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