Don’t get scammed

by | June 21, 2022

A new book brings awareness of possible pitfalls and be better protected against scams and fraud schemes.


“236 people investigated over scams; victims lost S$5.1 million.” “13 victims lost S$38,000 to scammers.” “900 phishing scams ‘observed’ since January.” “S$40 million SkillsFuture fraud: husband and wife jailed.” “Businessman charged with cheating and fraud involving S$1 billion.”

These are just a fraction of the headlines that have appeared in the local media recently and they are testament to the myriad scams and fraud schemes that abound. It is what makes this – Don’t Get Scammed! – a timely book for our tentative times. Scammers and fraudsters are equal opportunity predators and anyone – young or old, rich or poor, less educated or very intelligent – can be a victim. And it can happen at any time.

Which is why it is important to read this book and pick up the tips that it dispenses. Learn about the different types of scams – from love scams to job scams – and understand the difference between a scam and a fraud. Get a glimpse of who the fraudsters are, how scammers operate, and why people are taken in by these schemes. Find out ways to prevent yourself from being duped as well as what to do if you are, unfortunately, taken in. In addition to all the practical information, there are also first-hand accounts from victims who share their experiences and the lessons they have learnt.

It is hoped that with this 168-page book, you will gain a new awareness of possible pitfalls and be better protected against them, so that you don’t get scammed! The book is written by finance and life coach, Joanne Lai and lawyer, Rayney Wong.

The book which costs S$19 is available from publisher Candid Creation at

(** NOTE: The editor of Ageless Online was also the editor for the book.)



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