Free lung cancer screening

by | July 7, 2023

Lung cancer is the first and third leading cause of death among males and females respectively in Singapore between 2016 and 2020.


365 Cancer Prevention Society (365CPS) has launched Are You at Risk?, Singapore’s first free lung screening programme for lower-income families from now to August 18, 2023.

Based on the Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Report 2020 released by the National Registry of Diseases Office in December 2022, lung cancer is one of the top three cancers affecting both men and women in Singapore. It accounts for one in six cancer incidents in male patients above the age of 80 and is also common among older females. Lung cancer has among the poorest survival rates each year after diagnosis.

The early stages of lung cancer are often asymptomatic; symptoms only develop when the condition progresses. As such, lung screening programmes have shown to be an effective measure in improving early detection rates, potentially leading to improved treatment outcomes and reduced mortality.

Andrew Soh, assistant director for fundraising, marketing and volunteer management at 365CPS shared, “Are You at Risk? is the first and only free lung screening programme in Singapore. At 365CPS, we firmly believe that early detection saves lives. We hope that high-risk individuals who are eligible for the free lung screening can take the proactive step towards taking charge of their health, for the benefit of themselves and their caregivers”.

Recent research has shown that a low-dose computed tomography (CT) lung screen is highly accurate in detecting small spots in the lung, including early lung cancer. It has been proven to reduce the number of deaths from lung cancer in high-risk patients compared to chest X-rays. By the time an individual develops symptoms or spots in their lungs on the chest X-rays, it is likely for the cancer to be in an advanced stage with a low chance of cure.

To participate in the lung screening programme, applicants will have to register with 365CPS or its community partners for a pre-screening consultation, followed by a low-dose CT scan at 365CPS screening partners’ facilities. The clinic will schedule a review with the doctor if the CT scan indicates abnormalities, and refer patients to a public health setting if further investigation or treatment is needed.

Are You at Risk? Lung Cancer Screening is available for individuals who:

  • Hold a valid blue or orange CHAS card.
  • Are 50 to 80 years old.
  • Have smoked at least 20 pack years. (Calculated by number of packs smoked daily multiplied by the number of years.)
  • Are still smoking or quit within the last 15 years ago.

For any enquiries or to register for the free lung screening, members of the public can contact 365CPS community partners, e-mail 365CPS at or register on 365CPS website:

Members of the public who wish to support the lung screen campaign can do so via the following platforms.



For S$30, you will be contributing your token of support for this campaign.
For S$50, you are championing this initiative.
For S$100, you are sponsoring both pre- and post-screening consultation.
For S$500, you are sponsoring one full lung cancer screening.

All donations to 365CPS will be eligible for 250 percent tax relief. Any excess funds will be directed to supporting the Society’s tri-fold mission.


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