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by | May 12, 2021

Sharp introduces an air purifier that purifies, humidifies, kills bacteria and works like a fan in one singular unit.


The KI-L80 air purifier.

Sharp introduces its four-in-one L Series Plasmacluster air purifiers, the KI-L80, which combines four key functions in one singular unit. The L Series functions as an air purifier, humidifier, airborne bacteria inactivator and stand fan for the “freshest air in your home” as the company shared.

Powered by Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology that uses positive and negative ions occurring in nature to purify air, it removes, collects and captures impurities ranging from mould and viruses to allergens, odours and static electricity. The Plasmacluster ions are also able to neutralise harmful volatile organic compounds and toxic gases.

The KI-L80 air purifier comes with a triple filtration system:

  • a new pre-filter – captures PM10 harmful coarse, airborne particles.
  • double deodorising filter – uses an active carbon filter to neutralise unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke, harmful gases in haze, pet odour, or common household odours.
  • electrostatic HEPA filter – eliminates the smallest floating particles (PM2.5) and up to 99.97 percent particulate matter including bacteria, airborne allergens or mould spores.

The Plasmacluster technology in the air purifier also improves humidity levels to reduce virus transmission, according to Sharp. It also doubles as a fan with a powerful 498m3/h and 408 m3/h airflow for the KI-L80 and the other model, the KI-L60 respectively.

The KI-L80 air purifier comes with exclusive Sharp smart control functions which allow users to easily control and monitor the air purifiers via the Sharp Smart Remote App on their smartphones. Users can easily monitor their air quality and kickstart automatic operations based on the air quality levels through four key factors – temperature, humidity, dust and particulate matter levels. They will also receive notifications when the indoor air quality turns from dirty to clean. Also, through the filter function monitor, users will easily know when their air purifiers are due for filter exchange. Additionally, thanks to the Sharp AIoT feature, an AI feature can track your habits to learn when to turn up, down or off your devices and prompts you accordingly.


The L Series comes in two models – KI-L80 which effectively covers up to 62sqm, and KI-L60 which covers 50sqm and are priced at S$1,699 and S$1,399 respectively. They are both available on Sharp’s official Shopee and Lazada stores and authorised retailers.


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