Full electric vehicle experience

by | March 21, 2024

The Nissan Note e-POWER boasts a range of safety features.


Nissan has come up with a Note e-POWER that delivers a full electric vehicle experience.

It also boasts a range of safety features including:

  • The new Parking Distance Indicator enhances convenience and safety, displayed on the dashboard the system shows the vehicle’s distance to an obstacle by green, yellow, and red indicators.


  • The Walk Away Lock and Approach Unlock feature offers drivers the convenient hands-free option to lock or unlock their vehicle without the need to manually activate the door handle or car key. This system enhances security by eliminating the risk of drivers forgetting to lock their cars, while also significantly increasing convenience.


  • The Lane Departure Warning function which alerts drivers when they stray away from their lanes unintentionally.


  • The Vehicle Dynamic Control feature adjusts acceleration and braking on individual wheels to ensure better control when driving around corners, enhancing road safety.

The new Note e-POWER comes with an updated exterior and interior to present a sharper, more sophisticated modern look, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal in simple yet noticeable details.

Discerning eyes will spot the incorporation of the Mizuhiki Motif design on the dashboard, adding a level of intricacy and modern Japanese touch to the vehicle’s appearance. The newly added two-tier glovebox provides ample storage space for users to stow away their belongings and a USB Type-C charging port makes phone-charging faster and easier. Its spacious interior also comes with best-in-class rear head and knee room, ensuring drivers enjoy a comfortable driving position and occupants enjoy a comfortable journey.

With the wide range of colours options offered, car owners have the freedom to personalise their vehicle to reflect their individuality. For bold colours like turquoise and violet blue, its front grille is colour-coded. More neutral colours such as brilliant white pearl and super black are matched with a dark metal grey front grille to provide a classic design.

The new Nissan Note e-POWER is available for booking now and retails from $143,800 valid till April 3, 2024, 12pm.



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