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Further suspension on senior-centric activities

MOH extends the suspension until April 7 and encourages seniors to continue to be active during this period.

An NSA course.

All senior-centric activities at community clubs, residents’ committees, Senior Activity Centres, Active Ageing Hubs, CREST Centres, Health Promotion Board and ActiveSG sport centres have been suspended for another two more weeks until April 7. National Silver Academy (NSA) courses and volunteer programmes administered by the Council for Third Age (C3A) have also been suspended for the same period.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) advised all organisers of activities that involve physical interactions amongst seniors should suspend such activities from March 22 to 7 April. These include senior-centric courses, activities and interest groups, as well as events, performances, and other gatherings targeted at seniors. It said, “Organisers should put in place extra precautions in preparation for the resumption of organised activities after April 7.

“We encourage seniors to continue to be active during this period. Organisers of senior-centric activities are encouraged to organise activities which do not require close contact between seniors, such as by using online platforms. For example, seniors may tap on a new video series broadcast on that brings exercise, singing and cooking activities online for them. Conducted by trainers from the People’s Association (PA), the video series enables active seniors to participate in these activities in the comfort of their own home.”

In addition to the safe distancing measures, MOH advises seniors to avoid crowded places as far as possible, and be vigilant in maintaining good personal hygiene, such as by washing their hands frequently and avoiding touching their face and eyes. Seniors who feel unwell should see a doctor. Anyone interacting with seniors should also take extra care with personal hygiene. They should avoid interacting with seniors when they are unwell.


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