Getting more hunched/curved

by | April 29, 2014

Q. I feel I am getting more hunched/curved in my back – what can I do about it?


Getting more hunched in a forward stooped posture, or getting more curved in the spinal alignment is not an uncommon finding among senior patients. This can be either on a background of a previously “straight” spine or on a background of a previously pre-existing “curved” spine.

Both essentially signify worsening of the spinal column structural support. This could be due to discs that have become degenerated and losing height and substance, wearing out and instability of the facet joints in the spine, or collapse of the vertebrae (spinal column bone) due to insufficiency fractures from underlying osteoporosis.

Treatment would be a three-pronged approach:

1. Prevention – Maintaining and building good core muscles for support, and keeping your bones strong by preventing or treating underlying osteoporosis.

2. Active correction – Physical therapy to correct any underlying mild deformities and maintenance of posture.

3. Surgery – For cases that deformity is severe or have not been able to respond to non-surgical treatment as above.

– Dr Chua Soo Yong, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, and spine specialist and surgeon, Centre for Orthopaedics



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