Headphones that rest on users’ ears

by | September 5, 2022

Delivers pure sounds while minimising damage on the cochlea.


If music encompasses one of the biggest parts of your day, look no further than SHARP’s ear-free HP-BC50 bone conduction headphones which is lightweight, sleek and stylish. The headphones are designed to rest on the side of users’ ears for open-ear listening, using transducers to send soundwaves to the cochlea.

By conducting and directing the vibrations of sounds into the bones, it delivers pure sounds while minimising damage on the cochlea. On top of that, users will be able to enjoy music and still hear surrounding ambient sounds for safety and comfort. It is suitable for sports where users require some interaction such as yoga or a gym session or hear their surroundings while cycling.

SHARP’s HP-BC50 headphones comes with an in-built 2GB memory and runs on an approximate five hours of music playtime, allowing user who are out for a run, to forgo bringing their phones while still being able to enjoy the music. Charging it is only half the time with two and a half hours charging time. With Bluetooth functions, it can sync with other music or mobile devices to play music as well as answer calls.

** The HP-BC50 bone conduction headphones is priced at S$189 and available on SHARP’s Cocoro Life E-store: https://cocorolife.sg/.




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