Health screening centre and dental clinic opens in Orchard

by | September 8, 2021

Healthway Medical increases access to affordable services at central locations.


At Healthway Screening @ Centrepoint, screenings include mammograms and other assessments.

Healthway Medical has opened a health screening centre and dental clinic in Orchard Road, increasing access to affordable services at central locations.

The Healthway Screening @ Centrepoint houses various health screening facilities that support different types of health screening packages, from basic investigations to in-depth assessment of specific diseases. Apart from baseline clinical assessments such as blood pressure measurement, the centre is capable of conducting wide-ranging tests including thorough blood and urine tests, resting electrocardiogram (ECG) and treadmill ECG, spirometry and tonometry. Equipment including X-rays, mammogram and ultrasounds are also available for radiology examinations.

The centre’s experience begins with greetings by a guest experience officer at the counter who offers guidance throughout the registration process. Guests can register using iPads from the comfort of their designated health suites – plush pods where specialised healthcare professionals will take turns to visit for preliminary tests. They will then be escorted to clinical examinations and selected tests conducted by experienced doctors and nurses; and rest at their suites in between tests.

Healthway Medical has also opened its first Healthway Dental in the Orchard Road area. Located at Pacific Plaza, the new dental clinic offers both basic and complex procedures including aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and oral surgery.



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