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by | May 16, 2023

The tonic comes in a new sachet packaging for convenience and portability.


Huiji Health Tonic and sachet.

Huiji, a homegrown brand of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and health products, has launched a new sachet packaging for its Health Tonic (previously known as Waist Tonic), offering a modern and convenient way to consume TCM. The product contains the essence of six different premium herbs in one sachet, providing a blend of 100-percent natural ingredients.

The six herbs used in Huiji Health Tonic, including cordyceps, ginseng, du zhong and dang gui, have been carefully selected for their tonifying properties. It is formulated to provide the following health benefits – relieves stiffness and aches of the waist and knees, strengthens the tendons and waist, invigorates liver and kidney, nourishes “yin” and blood,  nourishes vital energy, harmonises the spleen and improves complexion, prevents premature greying of hair, relieves frequent urination at night and relieves body weakness.

Produced in a local GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) production facility that upholds stringent quality control, Huiji Health Tonic is free from alcohol content and added sugar, and is vegetarian-friendly.

The new sachet packaging offers convenience and portability, allowing users to easily consume the supplement at home or on-the-go. The individual sachets also help to ensure accurate dosage and prevent wastage. Simply take two sachets each in the morning and at night.


** Priced at S$34.90, each box comes with 30 packets of 10ml sachets. The new sachet packaging will soon be available in all Guardian stores, while its signature 700ml bottle is available at leading supermarkets, medical halls and e-commerce platforms.



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