#HuntTheMouse viral cash hunt is back

by | December 16, 2021

This year, the upcoming edition will offer hybrid physical and virtual game mechanics to keep players safe during this pandemic.

Singapore’s well-loved #HuntTheMouse viral cash hunt by gamification marketing company, Sqkii, is back. The upcoming edition of the game, #HuntTheMouse — Safe Distancing Edition (HTMSD), offers hybrid physical and virtual game mechanics to prioritise the safety of all players, while also giving them the flexibility to hunt remotely. This will be one of Singapore’s pioneering COVID-safe islandwide events, that began on December 16.

In pre-pandemic versions of the hunt, droves of eager players would scour the island in a bid to find the physically hidden gold coin, exchangeable for the grand prize of S$100,000. The key difference in this edition is that the hidden coin is now virtual instead of physical, where players can look for the coin both in person and from the comfort of their homes. These new hybrid mechanics were implemented to allow players to stay a safe distance from one another while still immersing themselves in the hunt.

Players can get three hints on the gold coin’s location every day from Sqkii’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Telegram) or within the game. They can then look for the hiding spot virtually or physically, and dig for the gold coin by tapping and holding onto a button in the game. The first player to dig out the gold coin receives S$100,000 in cash. In addition to the S$100,000 reward, players can also win other attractive prizes hidden by Sqkii’s HTMSD partners include gaming monitors, hotel stays, cruise trips, apparel, and even furniture. Participation is free for all players.

To ensure players’ safety while they explore Singapore, the hunt has incorporated mechanics to prevent players from physically crowding around public spaces. For instance, they will not be able to hunt physically at spots that have recently been unearthed by another person. When encountering such spots, players will be directed to use the virtual hunting mode instead — they will first have to walk a safe distance of at least 100m away, before they can proceed to dig at their original intended spot without gathering there physically.

Alternatively, players can also choose to visit other areas, and will receive reminders as an additional measure to ensure safe distancing is consistently maintained at each spot. These hybrid game mechanics will offer Singaporeans the flexibility to rediscover the island both in person, or virtually from the safety of their homes if they wish to do so. The mechanics were implemented with the intention of prioritising players’ safety as they explore Singapore amidst the transition to endemic living, while retaining the exciting elements of the cash hunt.

Kenny Choy, co-founder of Sqkii, said: “There are now more ways to hunt the mouse from wherever our players are. They can look for the virtual coin while they’re running an errand, out with a friend, or even when travelling to work or school. For those who prefer not to go out, the game is designed so that they can play virtually from the comfort of their homes — something that our previous physical hunts had not allowed for.

“We’ve put in place safe distancing measures using location-based data and mechanics that We’ve tested in other games, which were developed over the past two years as we lived with COVID-19. Above all, we look forward to this hunt bringing everyone a little more joy and excitement as they discover parts of Singapore safely during this period.”

The grand cash prize of S$100,000 remains up for grabs with HTMSD, with the first person to find the gold coin walking away with the money. As Singaporeans gradually re-familiarise themselves with the island, Sqkii hopes to remind them to do so safely while lightening some loads amidst these persisting times of uncertainty.

Singaporeans can start playing now by gathering hints on the gold coin’s location, which have been released at public locations all around Singapore and on Sqkii’s social media channels. Players can make their first hunt attempt from December 20 at 10am at huntthemouse.sqkii.com.


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