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by | February 4, 2022

Despite suffering from a mild stroke and a slow recovery, Lam Soo Ying is enjoying each day as it comes.



Lam Soo Ying, 87, had a mild stroke when she was at home back in June 2021. A nurse for over 40 years, she thought her dizzy spells was just high blood pressure. She shared: “I did not even realise I was having a stroke.”

She was preparing to go out shopping with her eldest son whom she lives with. The mother of two called it “a routine day” but it was anything but routine. She was brushing her teeth when her son came in to check on her. He noticed she was standing awkwardly, leaning towards her left side while brushing her teeth. He also saw she was drooling, mumbling and unable to stand up straight.

He realised something was wrong and immediately called the ambulance, and the paramedics arrived in 10 to 15 minutes later. Soo Ying was sent to Changi General Hospital and was assessed to have an acute stroke, and was then transferred to Singapore General Hospital. While there, the stroke team did some scans and the doctor spoke to her and her family about treatment plans. This was her first stroke and she believes her stroke was the cause of her high blood pressure and heart disease (irregular heartbeat).

Since then, she has been making a good recovery, and is close to being pre-morbid. She is on aspirin, hypertension medications and cholesterol medications. The stroke however left her with mobility issues. “I have partial mobility issues with my left hand. I have partial numbness on my left cheek which makes it hard to chew and walking wise, I get tired easily,” she said.

But, that has not stopped her from living life to the fullest, as Soo Ying shared. She continues watching her favourite movies and dramas. Her meals have to be mushy food as she is unable to take much solid food, however that is improving and she is slowly moving to solid food. She is also taking walks to improve her stamina. “There are always concerns as I’m 87 years old now. I am just enjoying each day as it comes,” she said.

Looking back on her stroke, she has this advice for others – “If you have high blood pressure and are experiencing dizziness, it’d be best to go to a doctor to have a full physical checkup. There’s no harm in doing it.”









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