Low-energy consumption fridges

by | July 26, 2022

Refrigerators come with Moisture Capsules to keep vegetables fresh, and freezers are equipped with Deep Freezing Modes to prevent nutritional loss by rapidly freezing food.


The Sharp fridge – SJ-VX57PG-BK model.

SHARP is introducing three German iF Design Award-winning fridge models that prevent nutritional loss and keep energy consumption low. Each are powered by SHARP’s J-Tech Inverter technology allowing for precise temperature control using 36 gradual colling steps.

SHARP’s patented Plasmacluster Ion technology also eliminates up to 99 percent airborne bacteria. It can reduce microscopic pollutants and bacterial growth that traditional filters cannot trap, by replicating nature’s own cleaning process of producing negative ions from water vapour in the air. These negative ions refresh the air naturally, without harmful chemicals or scents.

The SJ-VX57PG-BK model inside.

To keep food fresh and crisp, the refrigerators come with Moisture Capsule that maintains the ideal humidity in the vegetable storage bins to prevent dehydration and freezer burns. Fresh produce and vegetables can keep their freshness for longer without drying out prematurely.

The freezers also come with a host of features including Deep Freezing to prevent nutritional loss by rapidly freezing food; Extra Cool to chill beverages quickly and effortlessly with less energy consumption; and Extra Cool Plus that store ready-to-cook items for longer periods of time while retaining moisture and texture. Ice-making is also a dream with Express Freezing that has been proven to make ice at a rate of 40 percent faster.


The Sharp fridges are priced at S$2,999 for the SJ-VX57PG-BK and SJ-VX57PG-DM models and S$2,759 for the SJ-VX57ES-DS model. They are available on Sharp’s e-store and selected authorised retailers.



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