Meals to smile about

by | July 15, 2021

The National Dental Centre Singapore launches its first cookbook for patients who have undergone dental treatment.


The recovery process after dental treatment can be often uncomfortable, painful and inevitably unenjoyable for patients who have fewer meal options to choose from. To support these patients in their recovery journey, the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) has launched its first recipe book, Meals to Smile About – a compilation of 30 delectable and nutritious recipes, curated for those who face difficulty chewing and eating after their dental treatment.

Seventy-nine-year-old Lek Chai Sing, an NDCS patient and one of the recipe contributors, shared: “It was a challenge finding a variety of suitable and tasty food after I had treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer. As you may know, porridge gets boring very quickly if you eat it every day. I am happy to be a part of this meaningful initiative, and hope that other patients will find these recipes delicious and helpful.”

Spearheaded by the NDCS Office of Patient Experience, the book comprises contributions from staff, patients, caregivers and friends of NDCS, as well as renowned chefs like Eric Teo and Malcolm Lee. From chawanmushi (steamed savoury egg custard) to palak paneer (a curry dish from North Indian cuisine made with spinach, onions, spices, paneer and herbs), pong tauhu (a Peranakan dish of tofu meatballs cooked in broth) and lasagne, the recipes span a variety of cuisines covering mains, sides and desserts. The book was also developed in consultation with dietitians to ensure that the recipes meet dietary recommendations. Within the pages, NDCS dentists have also included best practices for patients on braces, dentures or those who have had tooth extractions, on how to look after their oral health.

The book is also an opportunity to contribute to the NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund, the philanthropic arm of NDCS. All proceeds from the book will go to the Fund, which aims to help needy patients gain access to oral healthcare, and support oral health research and education efforts to advance the delivery of dentistry for better care.


** To get a copy of Meals to Smile About, you can make a donate of S$100 (for a hardback), S$25 (for a paperback) or S$20 (for a PDF eBook). Go to:



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