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by | May 24, 2023

A skincare and makeup brand that uses all fruit and vegetable pigments, and with no synthetic dyes or harmful chemicals.


Rose hyaluronic acid serum.

Worried about what you put on your face and body? 100% Pure is a natural and organic skincare and makeup brand that uses all fruit and vegetable pigments to create the colours. It also uses no synthetic dyes or harmful chemicals that may contain a cancer-causing agent. “This is the main difference between 100% Pure and other brands,” explained Janet Tan, who has been the Singapore distributor for the brand for more than 17 years.

But with so many brands outside claiming to be natural, organic, etc, how can one double-check? She explained that if in doubt, read the ingredients carefully and go to Google for the answers. “Sometimes a product does not reveal its full ingredient list. The other most telling sign is the price of the product – good things don’t come cheap and cheap things are not always good.”

Watermelon + cucumber water-locking serum.

With a brand’s tagline that says “pure enough to eat”, 100% Pure is completely cruelty-free and is manufactured in US, Europe and Australia. The brand, which was started in the US in 2006, has been featured in numerous overseas’ media and many have flocked to the brand for a more natural alternative. Janet said that here in Singapore, some who have cancer have also chosen to use the products. “They were advised to use products that have lesser chemicals or best to have no chemicals. To them, it is very important as they are not well to begin with and using chemical products have been known to alter their medication. Even grapefruit can have an effect too.”

The brand also has products that are catered to more mature skin. Janet explained that those over 50 years, skin tends to be drier and one will need a higher percentage of moisturiser to combat this dryness. She recommends several products in the range including the virgin coconut cleanser, restorative sea culture toner and cream, watermelon plus cucumber water-locking serum, vitamin C serum, rose hyaluronic acid serum and super fruit cream/balm. The prices for these products range from S$16 to S$101 and once opened, they should be used within a year.

“We can’t eliminate the use of chemicals but we can try to lessen the use of them and if there is an alternative, why not?” said Janet.


** To purchase any of the above products, go HERE.


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