Online mental health video consultation service

by | October 23, 2020

Doctor Anywhere offers new service for users to choose from a panel of registered psychologists and counsellors.


Users can speak to a psychologist confidentially on Doctor Anywhere app directly from home, without going to the hospital or clinic.

Doctor Anywhere, a tech-enabled omni-channel healthcare provider with operations in Southeast Asia, has launched an online mental health video consultation service. This is in addition to a suite of other telehealth services including GP consultation and an in-app marketplace with a range of wellness products and services, including booking appointments for home-based healthcare services.

This new service allows users to choose from a panel of registered psychologists and counsellors and book therapy sessions over video consultation on the Doctor Anywhere app. The 60-minute sessions can be conducted in the privacy of the user’s own home via calls that are end-to-end encrypted, and patient records are kept confidential. The fees for using this service are, on average, 50 percent lower compared to face-to-face therapy sessions. Users from anywhere in the world are able to use this service to seek support from experienced mental health practitioners.

Lim Wai Mun, founder and CEO of Doctor Anywhere, said: “The unique challenges created by the pandemic have brought about an unprecedented level of stress, anxiety and other symptoms of poor mental health to the world. Since the pandemic started, we’ve observed more users consulting our doctors for stress-related issues such as insomnia. Access to support for mental well-being is more critical now than ever before.

“Additionally, people who do not suffer from mental health issues can also benefit from speaking to a professional. Therapy isn’t just for battling mental illnesses or alleviating serious trauma — it can help people solve everyday problems and overcome roadblocks at various points of their lives. The truth is, many people are unaware of how beneficial therapy can be in optimising performance in areas such as motivation, self-confidence and energy levels etc.”

As the topic of mental health is still a taboo in Asian societies, he added: “We want to provide a safe and accessible environment for people to seek help from psychologists and counsellors easily and conveniently. A virtual platform like Doctor Anywhere can reduce the psychological barrier associated with visiting a mental health professional, and provide time and cost savings for both the user and the provider.”





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