Rebuilding health from inside out, top to toe

by | January 1, 2021

New chiropractic and holistic healthcare practice opens up to address migraines to lower back pain.


From migraines, stiff neck and cramped shoulders, to lower back pain, some may not even be aware that they might have misalignments of their spine, posture, as well as disharmony of their glands, elimination, nerves, digestion, musculoskeletal and circulatory health. A chiropractic and holistic healthcare practice called Dr Chiro addresses these issues.

The clinic, which started operations in November of last year at 52 Blair Road, offers chiropractic consultation and posture scans; analysis and assessments of conditions and effects; specific adjustments using Zone Technique; manual adjustments for health problems linked to upper cervical spine/neck, full spine, upper and lower extremities (shoulder, arms and legs); health maintenance adjustments; and analysis and interpretation of chiropractic X-rays.

Other services include orthotics consultation, foot scans, analysis, assessments and leg/foot adjustments; nutrition consultation and supplements; myofascial release, with add-on adjustment (skeletal muscle immobility and pain); training for home management and self-care; and house/hospital call and home-based treatments. Adjustment techniques are tailored based on individual needs, depending on clinical findings, scan results and/or analysis and assessment of their conditions.

The clinic has different types of original chiropractic tables used such as the Thompson drop table, BJ Palmer (an American chiropractor) knee-chest upper cervical table, BJ Palmer toggle recoil technique table, Chiropractic SAM machine (a spinal analysis machine) and a 3D orthotics foot scanner that are typically not used or rarely available at local chiropractic chains.

Dr Chiro is run by clinic director and “chiropractic evangelist” Dr Nicholas Lim (Doctor of Chiropractic). He is said to be one of a few chiropractors in Singapore who provide chiropractic assessment and care from head to toe, for all ages, adhering to professional ethics and international standards set by the Chiropractic Association of Singapore. Besides being a member of the chiropractic association, he is also a member of the UK Association for Nutrition and the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association.





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