Room for Practical Innovations for Elders

by | April 18, 2023

The room has tech and rehab equipment including an airbag vest that protects against a fall that clients and the public can look at.


The airbag vest demonstration.

SATA CommHealth has launched the room for Practical Innovations for Elders (PIE) at its headquarters to the public and its clients from its day rehabilitation centre so they can try out the various tech and rehab equipment that help them live independently in their homes.

Said guest-of-honour Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC Tan Chuan-Jin, the PIE room will “allow seniors to get to see how they can use innovative technology to assist and facilitate independent living, e.g. through the fall sensor, neighbours or nearby active ageing centre will alerted should seniors need assistance. The seniors’ heart rate and respiratory rate can also be monitored. As we grow older, we will also tend to be more forgetful so the smart pill box can help keep track of medications.

A kitchen that is height adjustable.

“These are ways to show our seniors that they can also maintain a good quality of life by making some tweaks in their life so that they can continue to stay strong, resolute and have a positive outlook.”

Some innovations in the PIE include:

  • A kitchen that is height adjustable by a button. It is particularly ideal for wheelchair users.
  • An airbag vest to protect a senior who falls. It is currently in its pilot trial phase with no current funding or grants to tap on.
  • A portable bath that is inflatable for bed-bound patients. It can be placed on the bed or a flat surface.
  • A digital brain function screen that tests for early brain function decline, even before one begins to show noticeable symptoms. The 20- to 15-minute game on the desktop browser can be done at home and users get a report.

There is also a room that has a heart rate and fall sensors, smart door lock as well as a smart medical pill box where the alarm will go off to remind users to take their medications.




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