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by | October 8, 2020

A volunteer trainer teaches seniors online how to use navigational apps.

NoorJahan teaching IT to seniors at RSVP premises pre-Covid.

When 60-year-old NoorJahan binte Kamaruddin noticed that some seniors did not know how to use navigational apps like MyTransport by the Land Transport Authority and Google Maps, she knew she had to do something about it. “Not only do some of the seniors may not know how to use some of the navigational apps, some are aware of navigational apps, but they may not be aware of the features and functions they could utilise. I am relatively familiar with the apps as I utilise them on my own to navigate around Singapore.” So, she decided knowing what she knew, she could in turn share it with others.

But, unlike pre-COVID, when she could hold training classes for seniors as an RSVP Cyberguide Trainer physically at the RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers‘ premises, things are a whole lot different these days with the safe distancing measures and limits on the number of seniors entering the RSVP office. So, she decided to take her training online via Zoom in July 2020.

The entire training session on how to use MyTransport application and Google Maps was conducted for an hour and even included a question-and-answer session. Like the seniors learning something new, she too had to learn something new. It was her first time holding a session on Zoom and shared: “It was definitely something new and a learning process for me.”

The session had a signup of 50 seniors and the feedback was positive. “I was able to educate the seniors on the different features and functions of the applications. Most of them discovered that there are many more features available on the applications as compared to what they already know. Furthermore, after my session, it sparked interest in many seniors who were curious to learn more,” said NoorJahan, a customer service officer at Marina Barrage, who gains satisfaction knowing that the seniors are learning new things.

She would love to do more training sessions in the future if she can carve out some time from her work schedule. NoorJahan, who is also a Silver Infocomm Wellness Ambassador, makes it a point to keep updated on the latest IT programmes and news for herself so she can help the seniors better. She feels it is important that seniors continue to pick up IT skills, adding: “We are living in an age of digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI). If seniors do not adapt to changes, they risk being left behind in the digital world.”

(** PHOTO CREDITS: RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers)




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