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by | March 8, 2024

Breast Cancer Foundation held a fashion event with 10 breast cancer survivors.


Breast Cancer Foundation Courage Catwalkers from left to right – Aly Khairuddin, Carmen Loh, Aisha Jiffry, Jill Alphonso, Nahoko Kodama, Geri Kan, Kwa Lay Teng, Snehal Ponde, Amy Neary and Linda Tam.

Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) held its Courage Catwalk fashion event recently at J65@JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La to raise awareness and spread hope. This was part of International Women’s Day and held in collaboration with Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre.

To help address the various physical and psychological challenges associated with the onset of breast cancer, such as hair loss and mastectomies, BCF’s Positive Appearance Scheme aims to support women through the provision of prostheses, bras, and complimentary wig loans.

In acknowledgement of these changes one goes through, and the strength that breast cancer survivors display, the Courage Catwalk was more than a fashion show; it aimed to be a symbol of regained confidence, helping the 10 women who participated to reclaim their power and inspire other breast cancer survivors to do the same.

Hailing from diverse backgrounds and ages, the 10 breast cancer survivors graced the runway as they shared their journeys of how breast cancer transformed their perspective on life. Using fashion as a powerful platform, BCF hopes that the women’s empowering stories will inspire other women to take their health seriously and go for regular mammograms.

“I faced the storm of breast cancer, but on that runway, I am not just showcasing garments but the resilient fabric of my own journey. Every step echoes a testament to courage, proving that even in the face of adversity, we can redefine ourselves and inspire others to embrace their own transformative power,” said Linda Tam, 66, one of the 10 catwalkers.

For Linda, participating in the Courage Catwalk was more than just a fashion show – it was a statement of defiance, a celebration of life, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. As she gracefully strutted down the catwalk, Linda hoped to shatter stereotypes and inspire others to embrace life with hope and positivity.

The hour-long event showcased a curated fashion ‘courage collection’ by local designers from the Singapore Fashion Council. Shunji Matsuo provided the hair styling, while Bobbi Brown, part of The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC), was the makeup sponsor. The event, which was priced at S$100++ each (S$10 of which was donated to BCF), was open to the public and included a halal-certified dinner followed by the show.

(** PHOTO CREDIT: Breast Cancer Foundation)


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