Stretching your dollar

by | February 15, 2022

FairPrice Group launches a programme that comprises special discounts and holding prices of essentials.


Photo by FairPrice Group. NOTE: this shot was taken before the pandemic.

FairPrice Group has launched the “Stretch Your Dollar” programme to help consumers cope with the rising cost of living that has been exacerbated by the protracted COVID-19 situation. The last time this programme was implemented was amidst inflationary concerns and the economic downturn. “Stretch Your Dollar” is a programme to moderate the cost of living that comprises special discounts, efforts to hold prices of essentials as well as tips to help consumers save more.

Commencing on March 4, 2022, NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) will introduce a five-percent discount every Friday for a basket of 100 key essential items across all supermarket and hypermarket formats for this year. The key essential items include daily household staples like rice, oil, eggs, milk, vegetables, meat, laundry and paper products.

This initiative complements the existing discount schemes already in place for Pioneer Generation (PG), Merdeka Generation (MG), Seniors Discount and CHAS Blue card holders between Monday to Thursday. This makes discounts available in the supermarkets every day across the weekdays. Savings from PG, MG, seniors, CHAS Blue, and the Friday 5 percent discount is projected to exceed S$12 million in 2022.

Day of the week Initiative Benefit Outlets
Monday PG Discount Scheme 3% discount ●      All FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Shop stores, FairPrice Finest outlets, FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets and Unity pharmacies
Tuesday Seniors Discount Scheme 2% discount
Wednesday PG & MG Discount Scheme 3% discount
Thursday CHAS Blue Discount Scheme 3% discount
Friday 5% Discount Fridays 5% discount on 100 daily essential items ●      All FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Shop stores, FairPrice Finest outlets, and FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets


FairPrice will also be highlighting various existing discounts and rebates available to remind customers to leverage these for more savings. These include the “4 Days Special” where two key items are on a 50-percent discount over four days every week, FairPrice housebrand items which are priced 10 to 15 percent cheaper than national brands, and members patronage rebates (declared at 4.5 percent last year), along with various other promotional schemes.

FairPrice Group will also be reducing and holding prices for hot Kopi-O Siew Dai/Kosong (coffee without milk and less/no sugar) and hot Teh-O Siew Dai/Kosong (tea without milk and less/no sugar) to 90 cents at more than 80 Kopitiam and NTUC Foodfare (Foodfare) outlets for the rest of the year, despite cost pressures. This price is over 16 percent lower compared to the average market price of S$1.08. Kopitiam card holders are able to enjoy a further 10-percent discount on the 90 cents at Kopitiam outlets. Kopitiam and Foodfare have also committed to hold prices for regular hot Kopi/Teh (coffee/tea), Kopi-O/Teh-O (coffee/tea without milk), and Kopi-C/Teh-C (coffee/tea with evaporated milk) throughout the year.

Kopitiam and Foodfare have also pledged to continue to hold prices of its signature breakfast set (Kaya toast, two eggs and Kopi/Teh) from as low as S$1.80 for union members and S$2.20/S$2.50 for non-members till the end of the year. Prices of similar breakfast sets in the market ranges from about S$3 to S$6.

To facilitate more concessionary meals for the needy as well as seniors and union members, Kopitiam is expanding its Rice Garden Programme launched in 2015 to more locations. Rice Garden is the economy rice stall brand which provides a subsidised meal comprising one meat and two vegetable dishes to ComCare card holders at just S$1.50/S$1.80. The same meal is priced at S$2/S$2.50 for PG, MG, seniors and NTUC union members. There are currently 19 Rice Garden stalls. Kopitiam targets to have 40 Rice Garden stalls by the end of the year.

In the second half of the year, FairPrice Group will also be launching a programme to provide free meals for the needy and a special budget meal initiative at its Kopitiam and Foodfare outlets. More details will be provided at a later date.

Seah Kian Peng, Group CEO, FairPrice Group said, “As an organisation that offers both groceries to help families prepare meals and items for their household needs, as well as cooked food options, we are committed to our social mission to help moderate cost. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and explore ways to make lives better for all.”



(PHOTO CREDIT: Unsplash/Damir Spanic)


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