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Living with disability

Being disabled does not mean that one can’t do things, it just means changing the way one does things, as a couple of 35 years shared.


Travelling with a disability

15 travel tips for seniors with various disabilities, so you can travel with ease and enjoy your time away.


Accessible travel online resources

Lonely Planet has come up with a collection of online resources that will allow those with a disability to travel with peace of mind.


Accessible travel for all

Lonely Planet’s Martin Heng shares how to make travelling less frustrating for seniors and those with physical disabilities.


Threads of independence

A social enterprise that sells adaptive clothing, which allows those with limited mobility to dress themselves.


Protecting what’s yours: Take cover with health insurance

How much do I need? Is there an age limit? How do I prevent duplicate coverage? These questions and more will be answered.


Turning disability into gold

Losing one’s sight would have fell the most staunchest of men. But for one man, he used that setback to become a champion for the visually-handicapped.