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Emerging trends in probiotics & collagen

The two-day Vitafoods Asia 2019 saw latest global nutraceutical developments happening in Asia.


Studying nutritional deficiencies in elderly

Asia’s largest clinical study will help establish nutritional standards for the elderly.


“Frailty is not an inevitable part of ageing”

NUS study shared that good nutrition, physical training and mental exercises can reverse physical frailty in the elderly.


HPB dishes out ‘Recipe for Healthy Ageing’

This is a part of a nutrition campaign under the Action Plan for Successful Ageing to empower seniors to eat right and age well.


Healthier meals at home

This is the third thrust in HPB’s Food Strategy where it partners with supermarket outlets.


Nutritional deficiences with seniors

Nanyang Polytechnic’s students have found that many seniors are currently healthy and leading active lifestyles, however, their daily nutritional intake is inadequate.


Joys of ageing

New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner shares about longevity and happiness from meeting some of the oldest people living on Earth.


Deficiency of Omega-3 in diets

Findings in France show a need for a more balanced intake of Omega-3 and 6.


Diabetes & your eyes

Diabetic retinopathy is a preventable cause of blindness and is reversible in the early stages. Therefore, regular eye checkups are important.


Reducing gluten

For those with celiac disease, reducing gluten is part of the treatment. But for others, it could mean less bloatedness and cramps.