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Walking Fido really does help!

Recent study shows that pet dogs help adults aged 65 and over stay active.


Walking with style

The high-quality walking canes are adjustable and its materials carefully selected.


Walking with an attitude

Looking for a product that you can walk with style? Look no further.


Walking to a better health

In Australia, pole walking has become an in-thing to do. We find out more this activity and why it has gotten so popular.


Brisk walking

Enjoy brisk walking with this one-stop brisk walking guide, which gives you an easy to follow warm-up and cool-down routine. Based on the Health Promotion Board (HPB) warm-up and cool-down developed by PROAGE, this completed DVD guide is suitable for all age groups and in comes in an English/Mandarin version. Pick […]


Brisk-walk to good health

With the Government’s recent injection of resources, one shouldn’t ignore the benefits of brisk-walking.