The ‘Promises’ jewellery collection

by | December 15, 2020

This 50-piece collection is a collaboration between Daughters Diamonds and Eye Care Without Borders initiative.


Sarah Tseng of Daughters Diamonds, left, with Dr Claudine Pang of Eye Care Without Borders.

A 50-piece “Promises” jewellery collection, which is a representation of hope, love and community, is a collaboration between Sarah Tseng, founder and designer of Daughters Diamonds and eye surgeon-cum-philanthropist Dr Claudine Pang, who is the medical director of Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre and founder of Eye Care Without Borders.

The jewellery pieces are all crafted out of specially selected sapphire gemstones of five colours that each represents different promises to the collector. Blue symbolises peace and contentment; pink symbolises power, love and compassion; orange symbolises wisdom and joy; yellow symbolises grace and knowledge; and green symbolises peace, love and integrity.

Every sapphire is unique and carefully hand-chosen, before being locally crafted using 18-karat gold with ethically sourced and cruelty-free diamonds. The ‘Promises’ collection offers personalised, delicate, affordable pieces suitable for consumers who are looking for an understated everyday piece that can be combined or stacked to create statement pieces.

With each piece of jewellery sold from the limited-edition collection, an iCare Joypack, a food bundle worth S$88 lovingly curated with a month’s worth of 20 food and essential items, will be donated to a low-income family in need.

The collection is born out of Dr Pang’s love for collecting delicate and intricate jewellery, and her passion for supporting local brands. She was inspired to spread the love during this festive season with the “Promises” collection that is thoughtfully curated as a present that consumers can gift their loved ones, while supporting a meaningful cause.

With prices ranging from S$388 to S$1,488, the limited edition “Promises” collection is available exclusively at Daughters Diamonds Jewellery in Paragon from December 4 to 25, 2020. Apart from donating through this jewellery collection, donors can also donate directly to the iCare Joypack fund at





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